Poetry, Writing (ENG)

Poetry | Ideology

Isle of Skye, Scotland, November 2018

When the voices in your head
strive to make your feel unworthy,
and their hate speech rings true to your ears.
When your mind relentlessly
goes to war with your heart,
leaving you with a burning sensation
in the pit of your stomach,
like you’ve lost the battle already
and you’re only pleading for relief.
Please remember that
bullies turn into cowards
and will redouble their efforts
when they lose grip on somebody’s fears.
If their weapons of choice 
are hostility and deceit,
and their aim is to rob you of your voice,
as you sob quietly behind closed doors,
feeling invisible and begging for them to stop,
it is simply because these monsters can see
how gentle & bright your soul is 
and always will be.

— don’t be blind to your own light, the only power they have is the one you surrender.

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